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County Health Officer Speaks at April 20, 2024 Meeting

Updated: May 14

The featured speaker at the April 20th WCLA meeting was Erica Bergstrom, Health Officer for Walworth County. She discussed details of County well water testing services, which include annual public well testing and private testing on request.

The Environmental Health section monitors recreational/surface water as well for e. coli, harmful algae, and other common pollutants. HOAs can request monitoring during the summer months. They work with the DNR on blue-green algae monitoring and outbreaks.

Another program of interest is Vector Monitoring which includes "tick drags," where a large cloth is dragged along a clearing in county parks, then the ticks are counted to find trends. This has been a big year for ticks probably because of the mild winter and damp spring.

Public Health has several other programs including radon testing, lead poisoning identification, and water quality mapping. They have initiatives to encourage boating safety by sponsoring a DNR in-person boating safety class this spring in Delavan, among others.

More information can be found by checking the Walworth County Public Health website.

Thanks to the Turtle Lake Improvement and Protective Association for hosting at the Turtle Lake Tap & Grill.

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